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public safety police

Public Safety

Our public safety recording solutions ensure that any incident is captured comprehensively and accurately.

Public safety incidents need to be captured for later analysis from the first call to the final interrogation.

This can be with complete phone, radio, and screen recording solutions that allow you to the time of the incidents and analyze the situations or corroborate information found in the recordings.

These solutions are designed to help your organization respond more effectively to citizens’ needs during incidents as well as provide evidence when the case goes to trial.

Transportation And Utilities

Transportation & Utilities​

Transportation companies must maintain impeccable compliance with regulatory protocols and procedures.

To comply, your dispatchers must have the best communications recording solutions to evaluate all the information received through dispatch calls.

It is also essential to monitor and periodically update the team and their skills with workforce optimization solutions that allow them to perform their duties with the best possible results.

Child Advocacy

Child Advocacy

Forensic Interview Video solutions to support multidisciplinary team video management of evidence in when children need to be heard and protected.

Child Advocacy Centers provide a safe place for children to talk about their experiences and achieve justice by effectively recording their evidence.

We have the best solutions to make forensic interviews a reliable resource throughout the evidence collection process with an easy-to-use, reliable digital video recording with quality recordings.

Contact Centers

Contact Centers

Call center solutions for recording and analyzing Contact Centers performance, by identifying, rewarding, and retaining the best performing agents.

Contact Centers collect and store large amounts of call information that must be properly filtered and processed for analysis.

We have workforce optimization and cloud storage solutions that will allow a better search and playback of the captured voice and data to ensure your operators are providing the correct information and approved messaging for your agency or center.