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Expert Incident Reconstruction for the Transportation & Utilities Industry

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Companies in the transportation & utilities industry frequently come under intense legal scrutiny. You must follow all processes and procedures to maintain regulatory compliance if you operate a fleet of public vehicles.

The communications center is at the heart of operations, responsible for receiving customer information and dispatch communication. An average call center can receive roughly 200 calls daily or over 4,000 monthly, which is a lot of customer interactions to track.

For these reasons, transportation & utilities businesses must monitor and record all service calls accurately to protect themselves from liability.  They also need to assess the calls to fix operational inefficiencies as well as identify skill gaps to improve dispatch center employee training.

Public service sectors like transportation or utilities companies cannot survive without a robust communication recording solution. Business Electronics (BEI) provides secure, all-in-one call recording solutions with centralized access that records all communications received by the dispatch center in real-time.s

Our Transportation & Utilities Recording Solutions are used by:

Municipal Transportation Departments for buses, trains, etc.

Air Traffic Management

Public Utilities like electric, water and sewer

Telecommunications Companies

Cab and Taxi Companies

Other Public Works departments requiring maintenance calls

Expert Communications Recording for the Transportation & Utilities Industry

Customer call capture and recording expertise in the Public Transportation & Utilities Industry to make your operations worry-free.

What is Communications Recording Software for the Transportation & Utilities Industry?

Communications recording software can record all telephone, radio, screen and text conversations received in communications centers. It helps reduce liability during an audit by keeping proof in the form of recorded customer and dispatcher interactions.

You can use communications recording to assess the performance of your dispatchers and enhance their efficiency. The communications recording captures all communications in a secure encrypted format. Your call takers can securely and discreetly manage sensitive information to ensure individual privacy laws are upheld.

The dispatch communications platform enhances dispatch center operations. Firstly, it offers automated recording and sorting of calls. Secondly, the management can use the recordings to gauge the performance of the dispatchers and suggest ways to improve the handling of calls.

Uses of Communications Recording Software for the Transportation & Utilities Industry


Communications Recording

Communications recording software will effectively capture all interactions through all channels; recording radio communications, dispatcher screens, and phone calls as well as text messaging.


  • Dispatch Solutions: Transportation & Utilities dispatch communications recording systems provide archival and instant recall of recordings of dispatch calls from a wide range of dispatch phone systems.
  • Dispatch Call Recording and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integrations: recording solutions provide high-reliability voice recording and archival storage, and provide secure & easy access to recordings.
  • Situation Management: A comprehensive software solution that provides capabilities including real-time situation awareness, efficient response and notification, planning and compliance.

Product Solutions:

Forensic Interview Recording

Secure Cloud Recording Storage

Cloud recording storage for Transportation & Utilities will securely store and archive all captured interactions and dispatcher calls; the radio dispatch, dispatcher’s screens and the voice recording.


  • Storage & Retrieval: Managers and supervisors can reconstruct from storage in case of an inquiry or audit in a matter of minutes instead of days.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Using the cloud allows managers and / or auditors to review the dispatch calls in real-time from a central storage area using user permissions and roles.

Product Solutions:

  • Ensure everything is stored securely and efficiently with BEI Cloud Solutions for Transportation & Utilities
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Why Choose Us for Transportation & Utilities Communications Recording Solutions

Capture Everything

The dispatch communications recording software can capture the complete chain of events from the first interaction to the last.  This allows managers and auditors to track and analyze events and interactions if a review is needed.

Secure Cloud Storage Support

The recorded calls can be collected, shared and securely stored in a cloud based solution.  Making sure your managers and supervisors can collaborate and analyze for maximum efficiency.

24x7 Support
Your operation never takes a break and neither do we. Our support is available 24×7 to ensure that you can confidently run your operations.
Transportation & Utilities Industry Experience

BEI has over 45 years of experience in the Transportation & Utilities communications recording industry.  Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your incident reconstruction needs.