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Technology growth

Recent years have seen tremendous growth in technology. Every industry is making the switch from analog to digital. Gone are the days when hard drives, on premises evidence vaults, and USBs were once the primary storage methods for most data.

Recordings are now kept securely and conveniently in the cloud, thanks to our solutions. Business Electronics (BEI) launched its cloud storage service with all of the benefits listed below.

Secure and Supported in the Cloud

Business Electronics (BEI) cloud solutions provide a secure and supported environment to store your recordings plus more. Contact us today for the best cloud solution.

Recording software that records audio and video conversions is constantly improving their storage capabilities. More organizations save their data online using cloud solutions rather than on hardware storage devices.

These storage solutions are crucial if you wish to record a discussion for later use or need a history of interactions for quality assurance. Most call recording programs can automatically identify incoming calls, start recording as soon as one begins, and store the recordings on cloud storage.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Recording, Distribution & Storage

Cloud-based solutions have become a mature product, which is why the industry has expanded rapidly. The cloud solution offers a variety of benefits:

cloud based solutions

Safe and secure

It is more secure to save your data in a cloud-based solution than on a hard drive. Cloud storage is an online portal secured by strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and other secure ways.

Providing a level of disaster recovery, reducing risk of damage to your files in case of fire or a natural calamity that might strike the building hosting the data. Cloud solutions are also not susceptible to the failed hard-drive issue that may see you lose data because of a corrupted hard drive.

Minimizes Risk to Data Integrity

A cloud service minimizes logistics and security issues when storing and sharing data from one location to another. With proper permissions, team members simply share recordings online with others without worrying about privacy concerns.

Fast to Share

Agencies, investigators, managers, and prosecutors can communicate recordings online without copying or downloading the files while maintaining control over the process using a cloud solution.

Improves Efficiency

A key benefit of cloud storage for organizations is reducing inquiry time. The manual approach wastes a lot of time noting and distributing evidence files, which you can accomplish quickly using the cloud solution.

Uses of a Cloud-Based Recording, Distribution & Storage

public safety police

Law Enforcement / Public safety

Most public safety organizations have switched to cloud storage for investigations and interview recordings. This ensures that the data captured from dispatcher recordings to the interview room can be accessed by all team members in a secure manner.


  • Fast Reconstruction: Incident reconstructions that used to take hours or days now take minutes using the cloud.
  • Multi-channel Replay: Access data quickly and replay multi-channel recordings simultaneously on a single screen.
  • Single Storage: A single repository and analysis point for all of your incident data, so you can get to the truth faster.

Product Solutions:

Child safety

Child Advocacy

Child Advocacy Centers (CACs) need to ensure that their recording data is highly secure to protect the identity and privacy of the minors that they are interviewing. Cloud solutions help protect their victim’s rights to privacy while being able to share the information with the MDT working the case.


  • Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration: All interview recordings will be stored securely with searchable notes, ability to import other video files and create an audit trail that can be shared with other departments.
  • Secure Distribution & Storage: All interview recordings will be stored securely in a cloud based solution that meets the most stringent identity protection protocols.

Product Solutions:

Call Center

Contact Centers / Call Centers

Contact centers need to use various recording digital storage options to record each customer interaction for future reference as well as for training purposes. Cloud solutions help them to store vast amounts of call data and be able to retrieve it within a matter of seconds.


  • Call Center Communications Recording: Our solutions can record all interactions including Audio, Screen & Chat for all of your agents.
  • Quality Assurance: Real-time scoring of calls, reporting on and sharing these metrics, triggering alerts, and viewing the results of coaching sessions to help resolve skill gaps.
  • Call agent assessments: Using script adherence assessments, this helps to reduce risk in association with regulatory compliance requirements by providing visibility across a large volume of calls.

Product Solutions:

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Why Choose Us for Cloud-Based Recording,
Distribution & Storage


Secure Storage

Cloud-based recording storage is a must-have when it comes to keeping your recording data secure. With roles and permissions based security, you can determine who can see what data safely and securely.

Multidisciplinary Team Sharing

Thanks to cloud storage, you can access the recording data wherever you are and are able to distribute it with other members of the team making it easier to coordinate on cases.


Industry Experience

BEI has over 45 years of experience in the communication recording industry and has been utilizing cloud solutions since they were first introduced. Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your cloud-based recording storage needs.