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Business Electronics (BEI) provides video recording as well as video interview recording systems. It is your complete solution for your video surveillance, and interview room recording needs.

Our cutting-edge video recording software lets you capture all of your surveillance and interactions on video to share with others. BEI software empowers you to record videos from your video camera and capture audio too.

Provide the Evidence You Need, When You Need It

BEI specifically provides solutions for law enforcement and Child Advocacy Centers for interview room recording and video surveillance.

Whether you have simple or complex needs, BEI’s solutions provide you with the right technology to meet those needs. Our video recording products include:

  • Digital video recorders
  • Video cameras
  • Video management & storage
  • Network video recorders

Benefits of Video Recording Software

The main benefits of deploying video recording software include the following:

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Interview room video recording

Our software allows law enforcement agents to record interviews of interested parties in a case. In a court of law, recording first-hand information is more effective than reporting information.

Our software further makes it easy for law enforcement to find recorded interviews quickly and securely:

  • Customize searches for metadata like suspect name and case number
  • Audit chain of evidence reports
  • Record in High Definition
  • Back up recording to prevent the loss of a interview
  • Access evidence from a central place
  • Cloud or premise storage solutions
  • Integrate with multiple digital evidence management systems

BEI offers cloud storage. With BEI, you can access the cloud data anywhere, provided you have authorized access.

Forensic interview video recording

BEI software makes it easy to protect children who have witnessed a crime. Our video recording systems help capture a child’s testimony in a secure environment. Benefits include:

  • Protecting children who are witnesses to a crime
  • Recording testimony once, preventing the child from reliving the crime
  • One-touch recording
  • Captures both audio and video
  • Automatic backup to the server
  • Automatic cloud backup
  • Limited access only for authorized personnel, reducing chances of evidence tampering

Video surveillance recording

BEI combines today’s advanced technology and our sophisticated software to offer the best solutions for your video surveillance needs. Our software helps:

  • Enhance safety by deterring crime
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Safeguard clients
  • Reduce chances of theft and fraud
  • Capture crime as video evidence

Video surveillance is often the first step in security for many companies. Our recording systems allow you to access footage from a centralized location, store data on a cloud, backup data to servers, and export files in different formats.

Body Cameras

These are video recorders worn by law enforcement officers to record their interactions with the public while on duty. You can capture audio and video through the body cameras and choose to store it on the device or upload it to cloud storage.  Although BEI doesn’t offer body cameras, our systems can easily integrate with any existing body camera provider that you have.

Uses of a Video Recording Software

public safety police

Law enforcement / Public safety

Officers and investigators in law enforcement and public safety rely on video surveillance and interview room recording solutions to serve the public better to capture events as they happened.


  • Chain of evidence: Being able to tie together all of the evidence through recordings from the initial contact to the interview room by capturing what is said by all parties involved.
  • High Definition Recording: The video recording is always of the highest quality and recorded in high definition.
  • Mobile Interview Support: Take the interview into the field with our robust mobile video recording solutions. Conduct high quality mobile interviews anytime, anywhere and capture both video and audio for analysis later.
  • Secure Storage to protect their identity: All video recordings will be stored securely in a cloud based solution that meets the most stringent identity protection protocols.

Product Solutions:

Child safety

Child Advocacy

Child advocacy centers use forensic interview video recordings when capturing information from child witnesses. With video, the interviewer can get a clear and accurate recording of the conversion.


  • Forensic Interviewing video recording software: Counselors only need to flip the switch to start video recording before going into the room to talk with the child.
  • Interview Room Video Recording: With dual camera viewpoints, video grab frame technology and remote start/stop, your department will be able to stay in compliance as well as capture the evidence you need.
  • Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration: All interview video recordings will be stored securely with searchable notes, ability to import other video files.

Product Solutions:

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Why Choose Us for Video Recording Software


Accurate Accounting

Video recording technology allows you to accurately capture what was said and capture both the video and audio during an encounter or interview needed by law enforcement and child advocacy centers alike.


Chain of Evidence Support

The evidence collected can be shared and sequenced from beginning to end. Making sure your multi-disciplinary teams can collaborate and analyze for maximum accuracy.


Video Recording Industry Experience

BEI has over 45 years of experience in the video recording industry. Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your video recording needs.