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Capturing critical 911 dispatch call recording communications is at the heart of each public safety organization and contact center. Managers operating these centers must be flexible, quick-thinking, and capable of accurately and swiftly retrieving call data.

Centers must operate at peak efficiency as they handle possible life-and-death situations. With the right 911 voice recording communications solutions, they can do their job without worrying about the reporting capability with intuitive and flexible solutions. Here’s all you need to know about 911 dispatch recording communications.

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Implementing Phone, Radio and Screen Recording systems to help productivity for dispatch and call taking operations.

Communications recording captures all call, screen and radio communications using recording software. 911 call recording software captures not only the voice, but the screens that the call taker is looking at when the call comes in.

For these centers, such as law enforcement and contact centers, communications recording can be used for training, gathering evidence, incident reporting, and quality control. It’s crucial to think about your demands and the features that are important to you when selecting a communications recording software. There are many types of 911 dispatch communications recording software on the market, and not all will have the same functionality.

Benefits of Communication Recording Software

The main benefits of deploying communication recording software include the following:
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Capture an authentic record

When it comes to capturing the real record, recording every communications channel is ideal. When you need to provide an authentic, unedited digital accounting of the interaction, the communications recording software will help in storing and managing the digital interaction, including audio and video recordings. 

The software helps in providing a single, streamlined, secure, and trackable digital record, helping get to what happened faster. It facilitates reporting by analyzing screen recordings and interactions.

Facilitates better communication

The recording systems allow the private service centers to store all call center communications on premise or in the cloud for ease of reference and training. It is a robust system that supports real-time recording of calls and call agent screen interactions.

Moreover, it is a single system of record, perfect for managing caller experience with tools to analyze all of the call taker interactions and report on any concerns or trends.

Interaction documentation

The capacity to capture incidents as they happen is our communication recordings’ most significant advantage. It provides call taker audio and PC screen recording tools that  organizations can use for analyzing and tracking any events and all of the interactions.

Uses of a Communications Recording Software

Law Enforcement / Public Safety

The officers and dispatchers in law enforcement and public safety centers must focus on their work while our software captures and stores all of the call and radio recordings during 911 dispatch calls and texts. That ensures the dispatcher records the audio and the screen activity related to the occurrence are available for incidence reporting.

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  • Automated Incident Recording & Reconstruction: Incident reconstructions that used to take hours or days now take minutes.
  • Dispatch / Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD): All communications related to the same incident by using dashboard maps that show the location of 911 callers, mobile phone calls, text messages, and CAD incident locations.
  • Multiple CAD Integrations: Our recording solutions will integrate with your Computer Aided Dispatch systems.
  • Real-time Performance Metrics: A single automated collection and analysis point for all of your incident data, so you can get to the truth faster.

Product Solutions:

Contact Centers

Contact Centers / Call Centers

Contact centers need communication recordings whether they are mission-critical 24/7 operational call centers, like air traffic management, dispatch, and emergency call-taking or customer service centers.

The software allows the agents to perform better by recording customers’ audio and screens for follow-up with management for training and call optimization. In case of an escalation, the manager can analyze the agent-customer interactions to improve service delivery.


  • Call Center Communications Recording: Audio, Screen & Chat Recording for all of your call agents
  • Quality Assurance: Real-time scoring of calls, reporting on and sharing these metrics, triggering alerts, and viewing the results of coaching sessions to help resolve skill gaps.
  • Call agent assessments: Using script adherence assessments, this helps to reduce risk in association with regulatory compliance requirements by providing visibility across a large volume of calls.

Product Solutions:

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Real-Time Interactions

Communications recording technology is a game changer when it comes to real-time interactions for the public safety organizations, contact centers and call centers.


Multi-Channel Recordings

The communications recording software allows centers to record all channels of communication including audio, screen and chat, which is vital for tracking and analyzing events and interactions.


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BEI has over 45 years of experience in the communications recording industry.  Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your communications recording needs.