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Every higher education institution needs communication solutions for either facilitating teaching students virtually or providing solutions for their campus security dispatch centers.

To gain the most out of a communication recording solution, especially if you provide virtual learning, utilize a companion higher education recording software. Communications recording software is vital for sorting, securing, storing, retrieving, and sharing recorded information.

Professors can record their lessons or classroom sessions, which students can play back in their free time or allow students to join virtually.

Higher education institutes also need dispatch recording to monitor and log all communication, especially emergency transmission from campus security and students. Dispatch recording software is useful for incident reconstruction when you need to know what really happened.

Our Higher Education Recording Solutions are used by:

Campus Security

University Bursar Office & other answering points

Virtual Classroom Communication Recordings

Communications Recording Solutions for the Next Generation Classroom & University

Customer call capture and recording expertise in the Higher Education Industry to make your operations worry-free.

Benefits of Higher Education Recording Software

There are several ways to use the higher education dispatch communications recording software optimally:

  • Improved Security: A capable higher education dispatch communication will enhance security as it facilitates emergency communication, provides security alerts, and records emergency communications.
  • Quality and Compliance: Campus security must abide by data privacy regulations and higher education recording software can help with compliance. Management can listen to recordings and tag sections where dispatchers can improve or maintain compliance.
  • Enhances Learning: Professors can use the higher education communications recording to demonstrate effective ways of conducting procedures. Students can use the recordings to practice to better their skills.

Uses of Higher Education Communications Recording & Classroom Recording Solutions

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Communications Recording for Campus Security

Higher education campus security can benefit from communications recording software to effectively capture all emergency communications through all channels; recording radio communications, dispatcher screens, and emergency calls.


  • Security Dispatch Solutions: Campus security call recording systems provide archival and instant recall recording of emergency calls.
  • Call Recording and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integrations: recording solutions provide high-reliability voice recording and archival storage, and provide secure & easy access to recordings.
  • Situation Management Center (SMC): A comprehensive software solution that provides capabilities including real-time situation awareness, efficient response and notification, investigation and debriefing, planning and compliance, and preventive intelligence.
  • Automated Incident Recording & Reconstruction:Incident reconstructions that used to take hours or days now take minutes.
  • Real-time Analysis: A single automated collection and analysis point for all of your incident data, so you can get to the truth faster.

Product Solutions:

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Classroom & Mobile Classroom Recording

Digital recording solutions can go where you need them to be with both classroom / lecture room recording software both at the college and in the field.


  • Video Recordings: Produce recording to help your organization:
    • Conduct Interviews
    • Demonstrations
    • Class Sessions
    • Employment Screening
    • Conduct Reviews
    • Remote Attendance & Monitoring
    • Video Blogging
  • Classroom Recording: With dual camera viewpoints, video grab frame technology and remote start/stop, your school will be able to capture the full classroom experience.
  • Mobile Recording Support: Take the classroom on the road with our robust mobile recording. Conduct high quality mobile lectures anytime, anywhere and capture both video and audio for later viewing.
  • High-Quality Video and Audio Classroom Recording: Students won’t miss or misunderstand learning materials. The software will also neatly sort out the materials and only provide access to relevant parties.

Product Solutions:

Forensic Interview Recording

Secure Cloud Recording Storage

Cloud recording storage for Higher Education will securely store and archive all captured classroom recordings, call interactions and dispatcher calls.


  • Storage & Retrieval: Managers and supervisors can reconstruct from storage in case of an inquiry or audit in a matter of minutes instead of days.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Using the cloud allows managers and / or auditors to review the dispatch calls in real-time from a central storage area using user permissions and roles.

Product Solutions:

  • Ensure everything is stored securely and efficiently with BEI Cloud Solutions for Higher Education
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