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Communications recording solutions for healthcare organizations including security & dispatch recordings, video recording and answering point recordings to ensure proper compliance and secure interactions.

For instance, healthcare recording software can come in handy in recording clinical practice and procedures to update physicians’ and students’ skills in a medical education institution.

Healthcare organizations need to address the public inquiries with their call centers. Thus, workforce optimization solutions are the backbone of the main call line. The platform provides multiple answering points, scoring systems, and management reports you can use to improve call agents’ performance.

Further, you need a capable healthcare communication recording platform to record and process emergency dispatch calls. Especially if you need to recall or reconstruct an incidence.

Who Can Use Healthcare Communications Recording Solutions

Medical and nursing schools can benefit significantly from healthcare video and/or communications recording solutions. Healthcare organizations that provide continuing medical education can record educational material and refer back to it for practitioners and students to improve their skills.

Healthcare call centers need workforce optimization platforms to record customer representatives’ interactions with patients and their families.  The solutions can: 

  • Use the recordings to analyze and improve the agents’ performance. The software even provides a helpful point-scoring system and management reports.
  • Enables real-time analysis of live calls, allowing managers to assist the service representative in answering customers without the caller detecting their presence.

Your healthcare management team can use the healthcare recording software to create a schedule for agents after analyzing their peak times and call lengths.

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EMT & Ambulance Dispatch

Hospital Security

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Benefits of Healthcare Communications Recording Solutions

A healthcare video & communications recording solution offers several benefits:

  • Improved skills: Record appropriate procedures that students and staff can watch and practice to improve their skills.
  • Enhanced quality and compliance: The platform contains several tools for evaluating call center agents’ performance. Additionally, the software provides real-time compliance steps that customer service representatives must follow to comply with PHI data privacy regulations like the HIPAA.

Uses of Recording Software for Healthcare Organizations

BEI Security Communications Recording

Communications Recording for Hospital Dispatch & Security

Hospital dispatch & security can benefit from communications recording software to effectively capture all emergency communications through all channels; recording radio communications, dispatcher screens, and emergency calls.


  • Security & Dispatch Solutions: Emergency dispatch & security call recording systems provide archival and instant recall recording of emergency calls.
  • Call Recording and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integrations: recording solutions provide high-reliability voice recording and archival storage, and provide secure & easy access to recordings.
  • Situation Management Center (SMC): A comprehensive software solution that provides capabilities including real-time situation awareness, efficient response and notification, investigation and debriefing, planning and compliance, and preventive intelligence.
  • Automated Incident Recording & Reconstruction: Incident reconstructions that used to take hours or days now take minutes.
  • Real-time Analysis: A single automated collection and analysis point for all of your incident data, so you can get to the truth faster.

Product Solutions:

customer analytics

Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Workforce optimization (WFO) for contact center managers is all about evaluating call agents’ customer interactions whether it is to evaluate the call agents performance, create an optimized schedule or to optimize and evaluate the public’s response to your offering.


  • Quality and Compliance: The workforce optimization solution has various quality management reports and scoring systems to evaluate their call center agents performance.
  • Real-Time Speech Analysis: Live call monitoring allows call center managers to listen to calls and provide correct responses with a new call agent without the caller detecting the manager’s involvement.
  • Optimized Schedule: A single system to schedule and optimize your agent’s time with multiple data points to evaluate call lengths, busy times and required vacation and breaks.
Product Solutions:

Operating Room & Examination Room Recording

Digital recording solutions can go where you need them to be for both medical schools and teaching hospitals.  Video recording software can record both operating rooms and examination rooms.


  • Operating & Examination Room Recording: With dual camera viewpoints, video grab frame technology and remote start/stop, your organization will be able to stay in compliance as well as capture the medical procedures that you need to train staff on.
  • Video Storage: All interview recordings will be stored with searchable notes, ability to import other video files and create an audit trail that can be shared with others.
  • Mobile Interview Support: Take the interview or interrogation into the examination room with our robust mobile interview recording. Conduct high quality mobile interviews anytime, anywhere and capture both video and audio for analysis later or to share with multidisciplinary teams.

Product Solutions:

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Why Choose Us for Healthcare Recording Solutions

Incident Reconstruction Capability

The call recording software also contains incident reconstruction capability, which is vital for tracking and analyzing events and interactions. It can record the audio and screen interactions between emergency callers and dispatchers.

Continued Medical Education Support

The video recordings can be used for continued medical education making sure your hospital staff can collaborate and analyze medical procedures for better patient outcomes.

24x7 Support

Your organization never takes a break and neither do we.  Our support is available 24×7 to ensure that you can confidently run your operations.

Healthcare Industry Experience

BEI has over 45 years of experience in the Healthcare recording industry.  Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your public safety recording needs.