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Organizations across various professions, such as law enforcement or child advocacy centers, frequently conduct and record interviews. Because it is an essential component of their jobs, it has also become a necessity for these organizations to record each interview for not only evidence collection but also for training purposes.

Interview rooms would need to be outfitted with an interview recording system to record the interviews. Since interview recording contains information that is deemed sensitive, it needs to be protected from access from outside sources.

The primary goal of interview room recordings is to collect first-hand knowledge during the interview process. Most organizations utilize interview room recording software and hardware to save time taking notes during interviews and ensure that the information is accurately captured as was exactly stated by both the interviewer and the party being interviewed.

Interview Room Recording & Mobile Interview Recording Solutions are used by:

  • Police Investigators
  • Child Advocacy Centers
  • Business manager for job interviews

Better Evidence, Better Outcomes

Business Electronics (BEI) is specialized in selecting the appropriate interview room recording software for their needs.

What is Interview Room Recording Software, and What Does it Do?

Interview room recording software solution is digital video and audio capturing software for organizations that need to be sure that they have preserved every answer while it was verbal or non-verbal during an interview.

Whether conducting one-on-one or group sessions, you can record your interviews in high-quality audio and video using an interview room recording system. With all of the different interview room recording software on the market today, BEI will work with you to choose the one that fits your needs.

Benefits of Interview Room Recording Software

The main benefits of deploying interview room recording software include the following:

police evidence

Save time

Interview recording software has made work easier for interviewers. The law enforcement industry can conserve time by recording interviews and being able to access it anywhere. With a recorded interview, the prosecutors can prepare for a court hearings faster and share with other members of the team easier.

Obtain first-hand information

The interview recording software makes it simple to obtain first-hand information that they can utilize in court or for training. It enables users to capture every detail of a conversation for later use.

The ability to share, retrieve, annotate, play, and distribute recordings with others makes it a crucial part of the interview room.

Business Electronics audio and video interview room recording systems for the following organizations:

  • Public Safety Organizations
  • Child Advocacy Centers
  • Security Organizations
  • Human Resources

No misinterpretations

Relying on written notes during an interview has numerous drawbacks because, most of the time, the individual who wrote the notes must interpret them.

There is a danger of misinterpretation if the person who heard the information interprets and writes what they meant, which could result in losing the original account of what happened. With interview room recording, it is simple to obtain accurate information from a recording without introducing human errors.

Secure Capture

Substantial evidence needs to be captured and stored securely, especially if it is needed for a case. When recording an interview, there are numerous ways to preserve the recordings and make sure they are secure, such as using a digital evidence management cloud solution with security roles to ensure only the right people can see the evidence.

Uses of a Interview Room Recording Software

public safety police

Law Enforcement / Public Safety

Officers and investigators in law enforcement and public safety rely on interview room recording solutions to comply with state laws while interrogating and interviewing suspects, victims and witnesses.


  • Chain of evidence: Being able to tie together all of the evidence for a single case is required to be able to fully understand what happened. Interview room recording allows law enforcement to capture what is said by all parties involved.
  • On/Off Switch Recording: Start your interview room recording with a flip of a switch to start or stop recording when you go in or out of the room. The system also incorporates standalone or built-in LEDs that serve as visual cues while a recording is underway.
  • Mobile Interview Support: Take the interview into the field with our robust mobile interview recording solutions. Conduct high quality mobile interviews anytime, anywhere and capture both video and audio for analysis later.
  • Secure Storage to protect their identity: All interview recordings will be stored securely in a cloud based solution that meets the most stringent identity protection protocols.

Product Solutions:

Child safety

Child Advocacy

Child advocacy centers use forensic interview recordings as crucial evidence recording of a child regardless of whether they are a victim or a witness. Therefore, the interviewer must get a clear and accurate recording that is admissible in a court of law without being complicated.


  • Forensic Interviewing recording software: Counselors only need to flip the switch to start recording before going into the room to talk with the child. The software is user-friendly as counselors require little or no software training or assistance to use the program.
  • Interview Room Recording: With dual camera viewpoints, video grab frame technology and remote start/stop, your department will be able to stay in compliance as well as capture the evidence you need.
  • Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration: All interview recordings will be stored securely with searchable notes, ability to import other video files and create an audit trail that can be shared with other departments.

Product Solutions:

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Why Choose Us for Interview Room Recording Software


Accurate Accounting

Interview room recording technology allows you to accurately capture the account of what was said and is able to capture both the video and audio during an interview needed by law enforcement and child advocacy centers alike.

Chain of Evidence Support

The evidence collected can be shared and sequenced from beginning to end. Making sure that law enforcement & multi-disciplinary teams can collaborate and analyze for maximum accuracy.


Interview Room Recording Industry Experience

BEI has over 45 years of experience in the interview room recording industry. Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your interview room recording needs.