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Child forensic Interviewing
Interviewing the child

Forensic interviews are the first step in most child victim cases. An interviewer asks a child questions to determine whether they have enough information to go to court. During the interview, the interviewer will record the session in a safe and child-friendly place.

Forensic interviewing happens at a Child Advocacy Center after reports are made to multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) like Child Protective Services (CPS), law enforcement, and health services. The child may be a witness to a crime or a victim themself.

To carry out these interviews, law enforcement and Child Advocacy Centers need Interview Recording Software to help capture the child’s testimony and share the information with other multi-disciplinary teams privately and securely.

Build the Evidence You Need While Protecting Their Identity

BEI helps Child Advocacy Centers store and transfer sensitive information provided by children during forensic interviews.

Forensic Interviewing Software Features

Business Electronics (BEI) provides the right forensic interviewing software for law enforcement and Child Advocacy Centers. The forensic interviewing recording software features include:
  • One-touch recording
  • Remote start/stop
  • Picture in picture
  • Time overlay watermarking
  • Chain of evidence – audit chain report
  • Quick file recovery
  • Single centralized database
  • Video file import
Cloud Storage & Backup
  • Secure storage and backup
  • Mobile and desktop cloud access
  • Cloud storage for easy access
  • Automatic cloud backup
Forensic interview recording software helps capture a child’s testimony without requiring them to repeat and relive the experience. If there are gaps in the testimony, law enforcement agents can ask new questions relevant to the case. For victim video testimony to be admissible in court, there must be an unbroken chain of evidence which the forensic interviewing recording software provides.

Benefits of Forensic Interviewing Recording Software

The main benefits of deploying forensic interviewing recording software include the following:

Protect the child

Protects the child

The software allows you to capture a high-quality narration of events from the child’s point of view. In the cases of abuse, it’s important to capture the information the first time to prevent them from reliving the experience. They should only have to tell their story once and not repeat it again and again, as typically happens to witnesses in other cases.

BEI cares deeply about protecting children and supporting multi-disciplinary teams involved in capturing forensic interviews. We provide secure, reliable, and easy interview recording software. That makes our software the perfect fit for Child Advocacy Centers.

The secure systems ensure that only authorized personnel can access, view, and transmit the recordings thus protecting the identity of the children. The software has in-built authentication protocols and user rights management structure.

Integrates seamlessly with cloud management systems

Forensic interviewing recording software makes it easy to import videos into cloud management systems directly. The process is seamless and eliminates the chance of having duplicate interview videos.

The integration allows quick uploads to the cloud management system without downloading the videos and protecting the victims identity even further.

Easy to use on both smartphones and tablets

The software is suitable for use on both smartphones and tablets. You can remotely access the interview files as well as easily capture the video and audio directly onto the cloud.

Uses of a Forensic Interviewing Recording Software

Child Advocacy

Child Advocacy

Child advocacy centers use forensic interview recordings as crucial evidence recording of child witnesses. Therefore, the interviewer must get a clear and accurate child witness recording that is admissible in a court of law without being complicated.

Forensic Interview recording solutions can go where you need them to be. You can collect the witness testimony both in the CAC center with an interview room recording system or go to them with the mobile recording software.


  • Push Button Recording: Start your interview room recording with a push button to start or stop recording when you go in or out of the room. The system also incorporates standalone or built-in LEDs that serve as visual cues while a recording is underway.
  • Latest Forensic Interviewing recording software: Counselors only need to flip the switch to start recording before going into the room to talk with the child. The software is user-friendly as counselors require little or no software training or assistance to use the program.
  • Interview Room Recording: With dual camera viewpoints, video grab frame technology and remote start/stop, your department will be able to stay in compliance as well as capture the evidence you need.
  • Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration: All interview recordings will be stored securely with searchable notes, ability to import other multi-media files and document to create an audit trail that can be shared with other departments.
  • Mobile Interview Support: Take the interview into the field with our robust mobile interview recording solutions. Conduct high quality mobile interviews anytime, anywhere and capture both video and audio for analysis later.
  • Secure Storage to protect their identity: All interview recordings will be stored securely in a cloud based solution that meets the most stringent identity protection protocols.

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Why Choose Us for Forensic Interviewing Recording Software


Real-Time Capture

Forensic interviewing recording technology is an ideal solution for real-time capturing of the interviews in child advocacy centers.


Sharing of evidence

Counselors, investigators, and prosecutors can inspect evidence without downloading or copying the digital content to ensure that they have access to the case files without a potential breach of confidentiality.


24x7 Support

Our support is available 24×7 to ensure that you can confidently run your center and collect your evidence when you need it.


Industry Experience

BEI has over 45 years of experience in the recording industry. Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your recording needs.