Next Generation
9-1-1 (NG911)

Next Generation 9-1-1 standard is protocol that many states are now mandating for their emergency response systems. It allows citizens to contact 9-1-1 using voice, SMS text, photos and videos to access the public safety system.

The NG911 systems are built on digital technologies and move away from older analog systems. PSAPs can evolve their emergency response system to be faster and more effective by improving response capacity and speed using this new standard.



NG911 allows organizations to manage their operators and agents more effectively and thereby optimize the ability to respond to callers across multiple communication channels in multiple locations even when there is a natural disaster or a flow of calls coming in.



Facilitate compliance with government mandates and standards for digital emergency communications services (Next-Generation 911) and public safety radio systems.

  • Recording solutions
  • Available immediately for instant recall
  • Burn to CD/DVD/BluRay
  • Easily export or share data
  • Advanced logging web-service Interface
  • Support for recording of calls on a wide range of 911 call-taking systems
  • Record P25 and other radio systems
  • Emergency Call Management


  • Capture and display of mobile 911 callersā€™ geo-location
  • Forensic replay
  • Incident reconstruction
  • Programmatic retrieval of data and media.
  • Enhance emergency number services
  • Faster, more resilient system



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