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BEI Cloud Solutions for Contact Centers

Cloud Solutions for Contact Centers

Create faster communication and data exchange among your team members by sharing digital evidence through a cloud.

Streamline workflow securely and seamlessly by keeping evidence in a single location that only those with authorization can access and download as needed.



With BEI Cloud Solutions for Contact Centers, you can now reduce on premise equipment & related costs. Your application can be securely hosted and your data safely stored in the cloud.

Learn more about our BEI Cloud solutions powered by Verint.

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  • Easy-to-manage collections of data
  • High security features
  • Powerful tools for redacting pieces of audio
  • User-friendly technology
  • Secure, redundant storage
  • Convenient online file sharing
  • Display data captured from a variety of media simultaneously
  • Supports a wide variety of advanced radio systems


  • Rebuild an incident by reconstructing the chain of events
  • Streamline process
  • Reduce costs
  • Collaborate with multiple parties
  • Faster communication
  • Easiest data sharing
  • Boost efficiency


BEI Insight Hosted Recording for Call Centers

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