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NICE® Evidencentral Inform: Automated Evidence Production

Capturing Critical Communications for Public Safety

Digitally transform your business by automating the processes of collecting, reproducing, assembling and sharing the different media needed to solve cases.

Thanks to the power of automation you can save hours of work that you can redirect to optimize the performance and resources of the different areas of your company, as well as to focus on the human side of emergency communications.



NICE Inform digitally transforms the entire audio evidence request, collection and sharing process. Now you can reconstruct incidents faster and more thoroughly.



  • Transform audio reproduction
  • Optimizes sharing process
  • Automate tasks
  • Deliver faster response
  • Free up time for better task focus
  • Boost organization
  • Protect evidence


  • Recorder Captures
  • Consolidates and synchronizes data
  • Comprehensive computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data
  • Locations from geographic information systems (GIS)
  • RapidSOS
  • ESInet data
  • A broad range of integrations
  • P25 radio over IP (RoIP) recorder
  • CAD integration


BEI EvidenceCentral NICE INFORM Brochure 2023

BEI / NICE Partnership 2023

NICE / Harris Certified Radio Integration Fact Sheet

BEI NICE Evidencentral Inform Evaluator

NICE / Motorola MCC 7500 Certified IP Logger

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BEI NICE Evidencentral Incident Intelligence Dashboards

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Automated Evidence Production