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NICE® Evidencentral Inform:
Automated Quality Assurance

Get It Right Every Time with Targeted QA/QI

Automatically identify and schedule call takers / dispatchers evaluations to be the most coachable recorded communications. To improve performance gaps and compliance violations.

Rapidly identify and diagnose problems and provide fast, meaningful feedback, so your telecommunicators can perform their best.



Quality Assurance and Improvement (QA/QI) is essential to assessing your call takers / dispatchers. When problems are left unchecked, your organization is not as productive. If you’re still doing QA manually, you could be missing out on opportunities for improvement. NICE Informs Automated Quality Assurance helps to assure call takers are following policy and procedures.



  • Ensure telecommunicator success
  • Get more done in less time
  • Don’t miss any piece of information
  • Ensure quality results
  • Grab improvement opportunities
  • Automate processes
  • Get accurate results


  • Instantly see where call takers / dispatchers  are struggling
  • CAD-driven QA
  • Target specific types of calls
  • Timeline view of entire incident
  • View 911 calls, dispatch calls and telecommunicator screens
  • Automatically record information


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