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NICE® Evidencentral Inform:
Incident Recording & Reconstruction

Capturing Critical Communications for Public Safety

You will be able to reconstruct incidents in a matter of minutes in a more comprehensive and faster way, forming an instant timeline of events with the help of automation.

This will protect you from the pitfalls of data silos and the drudgery of manual work so you can devote more attention to your staff and improve your business.



NICE’s Public Safety 911 call & dispatch recording and automated incident reconstruction solution powered by Evidencentral securely records 911 calls, radio, text and other multimedia communications and data.

Rapidly assembles and synchronizes multimedia communications and data from multiple sources 50% faster with CAD integration.



  • Work thoroughly and faster 
  • Automate process reconstruct incident timelines 
  • Identify growing opportunities in your team 
  • Faster incident reconstruction 
  • Quality recording and data capturing 
  • Easy multimedia synchronization


  • Recorder Captures
  • Consolidates and synchronizes data
  • Comprehensive computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data
  • Locations from geographic information systems (GIS)
  • RapidSOS
  • ESInet data
  • A broad range of integrations
  • P25 radio over IP (RoIP) recorder
  • CAD integration


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