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NICE® Inform for Public Safety

Capturing Critical Communications for Public Safety

Ensure quality incident response by focusing on your staff and opportunities to increase productivity.

Save time from the moment an incident occurs until cases are closed and processed, revolutionizing your processes with a digital transformation.



With emergency communications becoming more complex by the day, and turnover at an all-time high, having the insight and time to focus on staff has never been more essential. That’s where NICE comes in. 

As the single system of record for all your data, we give you more time back in your day to engage with staff, and help you get to the truth that’s hidden in your data faster. With the ability to capture everything exactly as it occurred, and eliminating the unknown.

Our automated solutions put the truth at the heart of everything you do, whether it’s reconstructing incidents, or empowering your telecommunicators to be the best at what they do.

In emergency communications there’s no room for compromise. NICE Inform, powered by Evidencentral, helps you get it right every time.



  • Real time insights
  • Time savings
  • Single system of record for all your data
  • Get data faster
  • Automated solution
  • Boost your business efficiency
  • Improve your team communication


  • Reconstruct incidents more thoroughly and quickly, without the obstacles of data silos and manual work, so you can deliver faster and more comprehensive responses to your business.
  • At the same time, improve the performance of your communications team with more reviews in less time and by immediately identifying issues.
  • Recorder Captures:
    • Analog, Digital & VoIP communications
    • Comprehensive computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data
    • P25 radio over IP (RoIP)
    • Call taker’s PC screens


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