System Health Checks

System Health 1

Don’t let your recording system get aged-out. Software is like a car’s engine which needs to be maintained and checked on a periodic basis. Our system health checks help to identify issues or older components that need to be upgraded.

Our comprehensive System Health Check is performed by BEI’s experienced, factory trained Professional Services Team, and includes:

Audit and Assessment

Our Services Engineers will make a detailed and documented inspection of the recording system. This will include all system components such as servers, security, databases, licensing, versions, network, channel lists and user lists.

BEI can help determine if your recording system is meeting your organization's needs with a system health check

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Comprehensive Health Check

We check windows logs, recording system logs, database sizes and archive storage sizes to look for current or potential issues. Our factory trained Services Team will run detailed and an exhaustive range of tests to determine the health of your system.

  • Recording quality check on all channels
  • Functionality tests
  • Minor equipment issues identified and resolved
  • Major faults highlighted and action plan initiated
  • Full written report

Consultative Training Session

  • Administrator Training – We will spend time with those administering the system to ensure they are trained in the proper operation and maintenance of the system from a user perspective.

  • Supervisor Training – We will meet with staff to learn how they are using the system. We will then make suggestions to help users get the maximum use out of the system. Whether it’s help with creating QM templates or advice on search and replay options, our team of experts will provide guidance to users in order for them to get the greatest benefit from the system.
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