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Eventide® Recording for Public Safety

Eventide NexLog Recording Solutions for Mission Critical Communications

Make sure you provide the best and most reliable service by capturing, saving and reconstructing interactions from different media.

You will be able to keep the media accessible and immediately available for retrieval, playback and export, to help solve any emergency case.



The most reliable and comprehensive 911 call recording solutions for P25 Radio, TETRA Radio, E911, NG911, Dispatch Consoles, and Telephones. Capabilities include Incident Reconstruction, Quality Assurance, Reporting, and much more.



  • Eventide MediaWorks DX incident replay software
  • 911 call recording solutions
  • P25 Radio Recording
  • Archive the call-associated ANI/ALI metadata
  • Direct IP Interfaces to a wide range of P25 radio systems
  • Record from a wide range of PBX telephones and telephony circuits
  • Record analog audio sources
  • Advanced Next Gen web-service interface
  • Supports Linux Based ecosystems


  • Archival and instant recall recording
  • Access to a high-reliability voice recording
  • Immediately access to 911 call recordings 
  • Secure your recordings
  • Programmatic retrieval of data and media


BEI / Eventide Recording Solutions
for Public Safety
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BEI / Eventide Partnership 2023

BEI / Eventide NexLog DX Series: Advanced Recording Solutions for Air Traffic Management, Legal Recording, Radio Communications and Ground Control

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