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Revolutionizing CX with Call Center Workforce Optimization

Management teams often resort to workforce optimization in call centers to achieve outstanding customer experience.

They typically turn to call center workforce optimization software solutions to assist in scheduling, monitor agent performance, provide analytics, suggest operational improvements, and cut costs.

The million-dollar question is: how can they help to revolutionize your call center’s CX? Here’s why workforce optimization solutions are the silver bullet for improved customer experience in call centers.

How Workforce Optimization Revolutionizes Call Centers’ CX

Every company relies on its call center to handle customer interactions, making it a crucial part of customer retention strategies. One wrong move by a call center agent could mean a lost customer.

This is where call center workforce optimization software comes in, allowing management to evaluate customer care representative’s performance and tweak it for optimal customer interactions.

A contact center workforce optimization system encompasses a host of functionality to improve customer experience:

  • Quality monitoring: Records calls from multichannel sources, with more robust systems incorporating analytics, assessment, and coaching tools to enhance efficiency.
  • Workforce management: Schedules and forecasts staffing needs, crucial for a streamlined labor force laser-focused on efficiently meeting customer demands.
  • Performance management: Call center workforce management solutions provide real-time and historical data, offering insight into performance against KPIs. This enables agent-accessible self-evaluation and executives to suggest refinements to their performance.

What Does a Workforce Optimization Platform Do for CX?

A call center workforce optimization (WFO) system combines several tools for intra-day management, real-time staff adherence, and multi-skill forecasts and scheduling, which ensures the call center meets customer experience needs optimally.

A robust call center WFO unlocks your team’s potential by amplifying quality and inspiring agent self-improvement to facilitate enhanced CX. Moreover, it will minimize labor costs and ensure regulatory compliance:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Increased agent productivity
  • Streamlines call center activities
  • Provides real-time metrics and reports
  • Analyzes and improves workers’ performance

Why You Need Workforce Optimization Solutions in Call Centers

Workforce optimization software enables you to gauge agent performance in real-time. The tool records communications and provides metrics, instilling accountability and improving efficiency, heightening CX. It facilitates perpetual improvement, time savings, reduced costs, and fosters staff improvements.

For instance, the Verint Workforce Optimization solution helps you make better decisions and increases productivity by providing coaching, recording, and performance-enhancing solutions geared towards refining customer experience.

Firstly, Verint utilizes Automated Quality Management, leveraging the power of AI to monitor all contact center interactions. The automated system then assesses all call and text interactions, scores performance, and assigns agent coaching without management having to lift a finger.

Secondly, it relies on business intelligence, turning call center performance from reactive to proactive. Verint’s performance management for contact centers provides continuous intelligence, like real-time alerts, scorecards, agent analytics, and customizable reports, ensuring you make the right, data-based decision.

Why You Should Choose BEI For Your Workforce Optimization Needs

BEI has served the call center industry for over 45 years. We have a team of experts with unparalleled experience to help you choose the right workforce optimization (WFO) solution that fits your business’s unique needs.

Additionally, BEI utilizes real-time agent assessment technology to assess agent performance and offer suggestions for their next move.

BEI’s solutions capture all interactions across multiple communication channels, including phone calls, chats, and SMS, to help track and analyze agents’ performance.


Workforce optimization software is crucial to call center personnel as it captures interactions between agents and customers and amplifies agents’ performance by providing suggestions for real-time improvement. It also allocates coaches to fine-tune agents’ skills.

Moreover, the system will assist in scheduling and provide suggestions for streamlining workflows, which enhances call center productivity and improves customer experience.

Contact us today to receive a robust call center workforce optimization solution to turbocharge your customer experience improvement campaign.

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