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Public Safety Recording Systems for Incident Reconstruction

Everything happens in a blur during an emergency, so reconstructing a coherent chain of events is no easy task.

One ace up investigators’ sleeve could be using an incident reconstruction system, which pieces together snippets of information to eliminate distracting events or actions and help determine what happened.

With robust incident reconstruction solutions, center managers can use 911 recordings to get to the bottom of unresolved incidences and enhance public safety.

How Safety Recording Systems Help Reconstruct Incidents Like 911 Calls

At the heart of the public safety centers sits the 911 recording system, tasked with receiving, recording, and processing distress calls.

Emergency calls could be through phone, text, 911 radio, or video recording and could take place through several channels like smartphones, radio, VoIP, or PBX.

The emergency recording solution documents the communications between the caller and the dispatcher in real-time.

An emergency responder must answer the calls swiftly and be quick-thinking enough to ask the right questions to facilitate the safety recording system’s automated functionality to reconstruct the incident.

Emergency dispatchers must be alert when they are handling life-and-death situations, callers might be too distressed to recall what they said. Therefore, they must guide the caller into divulging helpful information.

Doing so aids the 911 recording system to capture, save, and reconstruct their interactions from diverse channels and allows easily accessible retrieval, export, and solving of complex events from the recordings.

Businesses using safety recording systems

Several businesses utilize safety recording systems to help improve their incident reconstruction capabilities:

  • 9-1-1 Dispatch
  • Manufacturing
  • Air traffic control
  • Police & Sheriff Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Government and defense
  • Security Companies
  • EMT & Ambulance Dispatch

Business Electronics (BEI) works with several top industry public safety incident reporting solutions including Eventide, NICE, and Verint.  We’ll review each solution’s top features for your incident reconstruction needs.

Eventide Public Safety Incident Recording

The Eventide NexLog Recording Solutions is perhaps the most reliable, comprehensive, and advanced 911 recording for public safety solutions for telephones, TETRA Radio, P25 Radio, NG911, E911, and dispatch consoles.

Eventide is purpose-built for mission-critical 24/7 communications as it offers highly reliable voice recording, secures your recordings, provides instant access to 911 recordings using PTT or TG IDs, supports instant and archival recording, and allows programmatic retrieval of media and data.

Features include:

  • Analog audio sources recording
  • Performance management tools
  • Record P25 Radio and 911 calls
  • Incident replay software
  • Call-associated ANI/ALI metadata archiving
  • Diverse telephony circuits and PBX telephone recording capability
  • Linux Based ecosystems
  • Support from Eventide local partners like Business Electronics (BEI)

NICE Recording for Public Safety

The NICE Inform for Public Safety system is a essential tool for critical communications recording for public safety. This solution reconstructs events and captures staff data.

Moreover, the recorder has the capabilities to capture:

  • Analog, VoIP, and digital communications
  • The call taker’s computer monitor screen
  • P25 radio over IP (RoIP)
  • Exhaustive computer-aided dispatch (CAD) data

NICE helps in faster and more extensive incidence reconstruction without resorting to manual work and data silos. Moreover, it provides faster reviews and identification of issues with the emergency responders so you can review and improve their performance.

Features include:

  • Seamless integration
  • Omnichannel recording
  • Real-time insights
  • Retrieve data faster
  • Maintain compliance
  • Uncompromising cloud security
  • Automated reconstruction solution
  • A centralized platform for recording all your data

Verint Recording for Public Safety Solutions

Record, retrieve, and archive critical communications across multiple channels with the Verint Recording for Public Safety system. It is a solution designed for public safety, emergency response, and control room operations, providing superior reliability.

Verint systems enable incidence reconstruction while complying with emerging standards and technology for public safety radio systems and digital emergency communications like Next-Gen 911.

Features include:

  • State-of-the-art reconstruction application
  • Interoperability with major trunked radio infrastructures, such as P25IP, Motorola ASTRO R7.x P25, and Harris OpenSky
  • Live call rewind of recordings to confirm details and review challenging-to-understand conversations
  • Centralized platform that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises

Why You Should Choose Business Electronics (BEI) for Your Public Safety Recording System Needs

BEI has been a trusted public safety recording solutions partner for over 45 years. We offer expert help finding the perfect fit for your organization’s public safety recording needs.

BEI provides robust incident reconstruction systems for tracking and analyzing interactions and events, 24/7 support to ensure your system runs smoothly, and systematic recording of evidence from beginning to end.

Every public safety center needs a recording system that will catalog every bit of communication between callers and emergency responders, which will go a long way in reconstructing the incident to get a clearer picture of what actually happened.

BEI provides first-in-class public safety recording systems for incident reconstructions, renowned for their reliability and high performance. Contact us today to acquire an incident reconstruction system.

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