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Best Features for Interview Room Recording Systems

Interrogating suspects, witnesses, and victims is a complex process. Often, the interviewers only have one opportunity for the interview, so they rely on law enforcement recording systems to capture the session accurately.

Gathering the information is crucial as it sets the wheels of justice in motion, leading to the conviction of criminals. Without the right interview room recording solutions, the interview could be a waste of money and time, and a guilty suspect could escape prosecution.

Read on to learn more about the key features to look for when exploring interview room recording solutions for law enforcement.

How Recording Systems Help Law Enforcement Professionals


Most law enforcement agencies and organizations utilize law enforcement recording systems to collect first-hand information during interviews. The recording hardware and software captures the information more efficiently and accurately than taking notes.

Law enforcement recordings capture verbal and non-verbal communications during the interview and simplify playing, retrieving, sharing, annotating, and distributing the recordings. 

This helps investigators recreate details of the crime and piece together information from other sources to bring justice to victims. Further, the right recording equipment ensures the collected interview data adheres to requirements for admissibility in court. 

Finally, law enforcement organizations can utilize the recordings for educational purposes. A trainer can analyze recordings, determine interview technique weaknesses, and offer tailor-made solutions to improve interviewing skills.

Best Features for Interview Recording Systems

There are many important features to look for in law enforcement solutions for recording interviews. Certain features help streamline usage to prevent errors like a start/stop recording button that is activated/deactivated with a single push and/or a remote control.

Additionally, a robust content and broadcast management solution provides features like sequential capturing of information for a logical chain of evidence, support for multiple cameras to record different angles, video date/time overlay watermarking, and multi-departmental content-sharing security. 

The result of utilizing advanced interview recording systems include high-definition audio and video digital recording, playback with bookmarks created in the recordings, customized metadata to enhance search along with the ability to save recordings in standard MP4 format to a USB and DVD drive.

The security benefits include instant retrieval of data and previously recorded interviews, identity protection protocols to secure data, and chain of evidence audit trail reporting. 

iRecord Recording for Law Enforcement 

iRecord is a leading interview room recording solution for law enforcement agencies. It facilitates high-definition recording, including recording from anywhere and streamlining of the recording process.

Moreover, iRecord solutions enable accessibility anywhere on the premises, ensure secure storage in a digital evidence vault, secure access and sharing of recordings, and aid in downloading and managing records (on any Windows device).

Prosecutors can use iRecord recording solutions to protect child victims and witnesses from reliving interrogations by accurately recording facial expressions and behavior for analysis and evidence collection. 

Some of the leading iRecord features include apps for interview management tracking, non-proprietary file formats, sending footage to a central server, and cloud offering and integration with digital evidence management systems.

Why You Should Choose BEI 

BEI has over 45 years of experience serving law enforcement establishments needing industrial-grade interview recording solutions. 

We have a team of experienced experts with industry-leading expertise in helping organizations like yours plan, design, install, and provide ongoing support for secure recording equipment and software tailored to their unique needs. 

Law enforcement establishments need robust interview room recording systems to facilitate accurate recording and preservation of verbal and non-verbal communication during an interview.

To achieve this, the recording for the law enforcement system should have features like high-definition audio and video recording, interview management tracking, mobile interview recording capabilities, and an evidence vault to secure the storage of the recordings.

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