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Workforce Optimization Software Features You Need

A call center is a crucial cog in the wheels that drive any organization. It is often the first place customers interact with the company, so the company’s contact center must create an outstanding first impression.

According to a survey, 43% of customers prefer speaking to a live person when trying to resolve a shopping issue, compared to just 30% who prefer messaging. 96% of consumers say that customer service is a key determinant in their decision-making.

It is impossible to overstate the significance of an efficient call center, as 88% of consumers say their experience interacting with an organization is just as vital as its products or services.

How Workforce Optimization Software Improves Overall Performance

A contact center offers support across different channels like calls, live chats, emails, messaging, and video calls, while handling tasks such as technical support, account management, outbound marketing, and more.

Considering the number of tasks and communication channels that contact center agents have to handle, they need a comprehensive and dependable support system.  Workforce optimization solutions are the key.

Whether it’s an on-site or remote workforce optimization system (WFO), the call center workforce optimization solution should capture interactions with customers and manage employee performance.

A call center workforce optimization software should also help your company improve the customer experience and operational efficiency.

Installing a capable call center workforce optimization system helps improve customer engagement and agent productivity. Moreover, it will streamline staffing needs and costs, saving the organization money in the long run.

Workforce Optimization Features You Need

A call center workforce optimization system should have the capability to enhance customer engagement across all forms of interactions, be it voice, digital, or in-person.  Features like call recording, performance tracking, and skill gap monitoring improve employee performance and elevate the customer experience.

Additionally, it should harness data to facilitate customer experience action and insights while managing bots and the human workforce. Analytics engines for aggregating and analyzing calls, digital, agents, and customer data are a key part of an effective WFO.

Verint Workforce Optimization Software

The Verint WFO system uses real-time AI-powered tools powered by Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics to automate the quality management process.

With Verint’s on-site or remote workforce optimization software, you can capture data across systems, score evaluations, assign coaches, as well as track, manage, and improve agent and organizational performance.

The Verint workforce optimization will help:

  • Ensure labor efficiency: Forecasting staffing needs and scheduling agents’ working times.
  • Performance management: Historical and real-time dashboards to gauge performance against KPIs.
  • Quality monitoring: Record and capture all communication, whether audio, video, or agents’ computer monitors. These will help in reporting and data analysis to provide insight into amplifying coaching.

Why You Should Choose BEI

BEI has served the workforce optimization industry for more than 45 years. Our team of experts has unrivaled hands-on experience helping companies select the right workforce optimization systems that best address their unique needs.

If you want to install a workforce optimization recording system, choose one with features such as employee scheduling, natural language processing, and analytics engines.

These will help you streamline employee schedules for labor efficiency, monitor and evaluate agents’ performance to improve their skills, and collect data and analyze all communications to gain insights on enhancing customer satisfaction.

Contact us today for help planning, designing, installing, managing, and ongoing support of a call center WFO system.

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