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iRecord® Recording for Child Advocacy Centers

Protecting The Child and The Evidence

Enhances prosecutors’ ability to bring appropriate charges by protecting the child from reliving multiple interrogations.

More easily records and analyzes the child’s behavior and facial expression for evidence and timely prosecutions.



Child Forensic Interview Recording was found to enhance the ability of prosecutors to file appropriate charges. The ability to demonstrate the demeanor and facial expression of the child was helpful in obtaining timely prosecutions.



  • Interview management tracking application
  • Routes footage to a central server
  • Easy-to-use recording equipment
  • High-quality audio & video recording
  • Interview management tracking applications
  • Non-proprietary file formats
  • Evidence Vault for secure storage
  • Mobile interview recording option
  • Integrates with various Digital Evidence Management (DEM) systems and Cloud offerings


  • Multiple interview rooms to one recorder
  • Easily find individual interviews
  • View videos from any networked computer
  • Easy to control access
  • Back up & distribute recordings via the Cloud


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