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iRecord® Recording for Law Enforcement

Evidence Recording at the touch of a button for Law Enforcement

Ensure quality evidence with customized interrogation recording equipment; with the right solution for your needs it is easy to recall the details and identify relevant information.

Eliminate costly and time consuming processes by automating them to quickly retrieve and share evidence between teams to ensure compliance with results.



In Law Enforcement, iRecord systems have evolved to employ high-definition IP cameras that are networked into a powerful, one-touch solution. When conducting a police interview, reliable and easy-to-use video recording equipment is essential to the long-term viability of the case.



  • Easy-to-use recording equipment
  • High-quality audio & video recording
  • Interview management tracking applications
  • Non-proprietary file formats
  • Evidence Vault for secure storage
  • Mobile interview record option
  • Integrates with various Digital Evidence Management (DEM) systems and Cloud offerings


  • Keep your evidence secure
  • Easy to find individual interviews
  • View recordings from any networked computer
  • Create digital video recordings
  • Effective process of interviews
  • Easy storage of recordings
  • Back up & distribute recordings via the Cloud


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