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Eventide® MediaWorks DX Incident Replay Software

Advanced incident reconstruction, multi-channel replay recorder, instant recall, live monitoring and more

Record incidents from all locations ensuring you can replay them with the highest quality audio and video.

Ensure resolution and provide evidence to your community with advanced incident reconstruction and immediate recovery securely from any device with a web browser.



Eventide MediaWorks PLUS™ software for NexLog recorders provides you with a comprehensive set of easy-to-use tools for search, replay, instant recall, incident reconstruction, export and much more.

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  • Incident reconstruction
  • Multi-channel replay recorder
  • Instant recall
  • Live monitoring
  • Incident replay software
  • Secure access, replay of multimedia
  • Available via web browser
  • Geo Fencings capabilities
  • Secure User access to recordings
  • Voice annotation
  • Screen Replay


  • Display call locations
  • Search for wireless locations
  • Replay recordings sequentially
  • Organize groups of calls
  • Manage incidents on the same screen
  • Quickly access and listen to calls
  • Review multimedia interactions


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BEI / Eventide NexLog DX Series: Advanced Recording Solutions for Air Traffic Management, Legal Recording, Radio Communications and Ground Control

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