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Eventide® Nexlog EXP Series

Specialized Recording and Replay Solutions for up to 8 Audio Inputs

Meet the evidence capture needs of your growing business, using only the solutions that fit your budgets.

Capture and store critical voice communications with the right quality even if they occur in tactical situations and/or difficult environments with devices carried during incidents.



The NexLog EXP-Series recorder is the ideal solution for capturing and storing telephone, radio or intercom audio (and available metadata) at organizations that need 8 or fewer audio inputs recorded. This recorder is ideally suited for local Police, Fire, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals and Manufacturers that have critical recording requirements.

Eventide NexLog EXP-M Mobile Recorder



  • Recording solutions
  • Supports user access from any HTML5-compatible browser 
  • Software for highly intuitive searching
  • Text/Voice Annotation
  • Incident Management
  • Metadata search
  • Web-based user-Interface
  • Export to USB Storage Devices
  • Configurable ignition power control for vehicular use

Eventide NexLog EXP Recorder



  • Capture telephone, radio or intercom audio
  • Storage multimedia data
  • Remote Startup and Orderly Shutdowns
  • Replay recordings
  • Easily export of recordings.
  • Smartphone access


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BEI / Eventide NexLog DX Series: Advanced Recording Solutions for Air Traffic Management, Legal Recording, Radio Communications and Ground Control

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