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Creating the Future Classroom Now for Higher Education

Virtual learning is no longer an optional benefit for higher education, but is now a necessity. Ensure that you get a quality classroom recording for all of your students and faculty; with the right solution for your needs it is easy to provide better education to all of your student population.

From the classroom to the lab to at-home learning, iRecord is a natural solution for any educational institution who is striving to teach via a modern classroom.



iRecord’s Higher Education Recording Equipment is perfect for any professional or student who is striving to improve. Use video any time you need to securely document, store and retrieve/share footage.

iRecord continues to expand educational applications for our video recording technology. Let us turn your problems into solutions!



  • Easy-to-use recording equipment
  • High-quality audio & video recording
  • Interview management tracking applications
  • Non-proprietary file formats
  • Secure video storage
  • Campus security mobile interview recording option
  • Integrates with various Digital Evidence Management (DEM) systems and Cloud offerings


Why Is Video Good For Higher Education?
Video observations recorded on iRecord Higher Education Recording Equipment remove subjectivity from the process.  Video recordings can be used for:
  • Interviews
  • Demonstrations
  • Class Sessions
  • Employment Screening
  • Conduct Reviews
  • Remote Attendance & Monitoring
  • Video Blogging
  • Keep your files secure
  • Easy to find individual interviews
  • View recordings from any networked computer
  • Create digital video recordings
  • Effective process of interviews
  • Easy storage of recordings


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