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Recording Every Call for Contact Centers


Call centers need to record calls they receive from customers for several reasons. Firstly, the calls can help your company identify and optimize your company’s offering when you analyze customers who have a dispute or complaint.

Secondly, they should use the recordings to enhance quality control and compliance of their call center agents. They can analyze how the call center agents respond to customers and use the data to improve quality of service and answers to callers.

The call center is crucial to every business since every interaction has the potential to either retain or lose a customer. Therefore, every company should consider installing call recording and workforce optimization solutions for contact centers.

Automated workforce optimization and call recordings provided by call center platform solutions can improve overall contact center operations. Their interaction retrieval and compliance capabilities can assist in resolving customer disputes in the short term as well as improve operations in the long run.

Our Contact Centers Workforce Optimization & Recording Solutions are used by:

Retail and e-Retail Call Centers

Banking and Financial Call Centers

Technical Support Call Centers

Contact Center quality & compliance experts to ensure your customers have the best experience with your call center agents

Business Electronics (BEI) offers multi-channel recording and live call monitoring services to help take your contact center to the next level. Contact us for more information.

What Is Contact Center Recording Software and What Does It Do?

Call recording solutions for contact centers are high-performance platforms for recording, analyzing, and archiving customer calls. These solutions for call centers allow contact centers to record calls in demand, in advance, or based on predetermined parameters.

Through its search and retrieval capabilities, call center management can easily and quickly identify ways to enhance customer service with workforce optimization, lower liability through compliance, and speed up dispute resolution.

Uses of Contact Center Recording Software and Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Workforce Optimization

Workforce Optimization (WFO)

Workforce optimization (WFO) for contact center managers is all about evaluating call agents’ customer interactions whether it is to evaluate the call agents performance, create an optimized schedule or to optimize and evaluate the public’s response to your offering.


  • Quality and Compliance: The workforce optimization solution has various quality management reports and scoring systems to evaluate their call center agents performance.
  • Real-Time Speech Analysis: Live call monitoring allows call center managers to listen to calls and provide correct responses with a new call agent without the caller detecting the manager’s involvement.
  • Optimized Schedule: A single system to schedule and optimize your agent’s time with multiple data points to evaluate call lengths, busy times and required vacation and breaks.

Product Solutions:

Help Desk Support

Communications Recording

Contact Centers communications recording software will effectively capture all customer service  communications through multiple channels; voice, video, and text interactions.


  • Capture Across All Channels: Gather insights about customer conversations across all engagement channels including PBX, VoIP, chat, digital collaboration, email, mobile voice/SMS, trading turrets, and face-to-face — via a single recording system.
  • Compliance Solutions: Contact centers have regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations that they need to abide by. Our recording systems provide the ability to tag the recording for review as well as guide the agent when there are additional compliance steps.
  • Customer Feedback: Every contact center should capture direct customer feedback from their experience with the call agent. Our recording solutions provide the ability to capture that feedback with surveys and voice recordings of the feedback.

Product Solutions:

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Workforce Optimization needs

Compliance Management

The quality and compliance management solutions are among the best in the contact center workforce optimization software solutions. It can evaluate call center agents, call flow for better optimization, privacy regulations compliance and provide an overall better customer experience.

Call Agent Performance

Your call agents will benefit from a better organized call flow, direct customer feedback recording and better one on one training from their managers to maximize your call agents performance.

24x7 Support

Your operation never takes a break and neither do we.  Our support is available 24×7 to ensure that you can confidently run your operations.

Contact Center Industry Experience

BEI has over 45 years of experience in the call recording industry.  Our experts have unparalleled experience and can help your organization with all of your contact center call recording needs.

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