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iRecord® Interview Room Recording Solutions

The right recording system for different types of interview applications

Retrieve interview evidence with high-definition recording solutions to support proper evidence collection and case tracking.

Streamline your process with a system that is usable from anywhere in your building, start and stop recording, as well as securely access, manage and download records from any Windows device.



iRecord Interview Room Recording system is all digital with high-quality recordings.  It allows for easy access and makes it possible to record from anywhere. Once your interview is recorded it is stored in a secure digital evidence vault that allows for secure sharing and access. This digital evidence vault also tracks chain of custody and ownership of the interview all the way until it is archived or decided to be deleted.

iRecord Interview Room Recording


  • Broadcast and content management solution
  • Web-based browser compatible
  • Video Redaction Software
  • Dual Camera Support
  • Picture in Picture & Split-Screen
  • Multi-Departmental Security
  • Thumbnail Video Playback Preview
  • Simple One-Touch Recording
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • Video Date/Time Overlay Watermarking
  • Chain of Evidence


  • High definition, digital solution to all your recording
  • Instantly retrieve data
  • Secure your data
  • View live interviews via network
  • Retrieve previously recorded interviews
  • Searchable customized meta data
  • Facilitate playback with bookmarks created in recordings 
  • Chain of evidence audit trail reporting
  • Save recordings in standard MP4 format
  • Ability to save to DVD and USB drive


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