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Securely Access and Distribute your Digital Evidence

Optimize your processes by implementing new digital solutions, keeping evidence in a cloud accelerates action taking and case tracking.

Eliminate the need for physical backups thanks to the cloud storage security of all evidence and secure access to them from any device for all those with authorization.



iRecord Cloud Solutions make switching to digital storage and the cloud easy. Cloud solutions help agencies speed up their process and keep all of their evidence is safe. The cloud eliminates the chance of losing an interview recording.

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  • Streamlined cloud storage solution
  • Lowers Risk with Redundant Storage
  • Remote Access to a Secure Online Portal
  • Faster to Share / Review Digital Evidence
  • Increase Staff Productivity
  • Better Organization for Every Case


  • Speed up processes
  • Ensure evidence safety
  • Securely access the video recordings anywhere
  • Secure login
  • Manage your digital evidence
  • Analyze interview evidence remotely 
  • Safely share files


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