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iRecord® Integration with Vidnyx for Child Advocacy Centers

Better Together. iRecord Integrates with VidaNyx.

Store evidence in a totally secure cloud where you can quickly access and find your media.

This reduces case processing costs by allowing access to the cloud for the professionals working on the case, thus achieving an integral and effective collaboration.



You can export iRecord recordings directly into VidaNyx. Recording and collaborating on forensic interviews is easier and safer with iRecord and VidaNyx. Eliminate the duplicate entry of interview notes. The integration with VidaNyx is available with iRecord’s latest software.



  • Export video directly
  • Secure cloud-based video sharing
  • Multidisciplinary Team Video Management
  • Increase Case Management Capacity
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Closed-Captioning & Automated Transcripts
  • Encrypted Downloads
VidaNyx Software


  • Reduce your case processing costs.
  • Ease share your data with your team
  • Manage and secure access to data
  • Archive recordings
  • Reducing time
  • Eliminate security risks


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